Sustainability and wellbeing are central to consumer’s choices

Sustainability plays an important role in the management of Van Rooi Meat. Next to processing meat with the various Quality labels – such as Beter Leven and Milieukeur – van Rooi Meat also tries to spare the environment in other areas.

Environmental protection through Efficiency

The realization of the new processing facility is a good example. The new building is a GPR building. This means that all used materials are recyclable and the building is energy-efficient and makes use of sustainable power.

Less food miles

 As the entire processing process takes place under one roof, Van Rooi Meat BV reduced the number of food miles, the number of transport kilometers needed to further process the meat.

Less water, less packaging

The reduction of various logistic streams quickly saves a few thousand kilometers a day. This results in less water needed – a significant number of crates and production sites that not need to be cleaned – and less packaging material needed to name a few examples.

Stricter monitoring

Agreements have also been made concerning transport; it may take at most six hours. Furthermore, castration would be stopped in 2014, instead of 2015. Stricter controls would take place concerning the pigs’ drinking water. Better water means that the pigs are less likely to get ill, which improves the quality of the meat.



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