100% Quality Assurance

Our facilities are modern; controlled growth has necessitated continuous capacity extension and the technological updating of the production apparatus. Thus, in terms of production technology, the company is among the world leaders.

Compliance With The Strictest Hygiene Requirements

Since we collaborate with some of the world´s most quality-conscious markets, very special demands are placed on hygiene and manufacturing safety. The own-control ensures that we meet the specified requirements for each individual market so that authorisations and certifications can be maintained. Our dedicated quality department and laboratory are responsible for the own-control system.

Highest Standards

As a supplier to the most demanding markets, it is essential that we can always maintain our third country certificates and our other accreditations in general. We do this by having a self-regulation system that ensures that we comply with the demands specified by the individual countries. We have a quality department and a laboratory which are responsible for a self-regulation system that covers everything from cleaning before commencement of production to hygiene control during production, monitoring of critical control points, etc


Guarantee for safe, high-quality meat!

Van Rooi Meat would like to retain and expand upon its position as a processor of fresh meat in the future. To realize that, quality and safety are two important parts of our business.